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We've spent considerable time and effort to testing all of our compatible cartridges for your Kyocera printer. Making 100% sure is our priority.

               <All of our cartridge comes with...>
90 days money back guarantee or 12 month warranty
- Master package w/ extra protection for any shipment.
Same day shipping orders before 6 pm. (EST)



F, FA, FS Series
    FA-1000     FS-1000     FS-1000 Plus     FS-1010
    FS-1010N     FS-1018MFP     FS-1020D     FS-1030D
    FS-1030DN     FS-1050     FS-1100     FS-1118MFP
    FS-1300D     FS-1350DN     FS-1400     FS-1700
    FS-1700 Plus     FS-1750     FS-1800     FS-1800 Plus
    FS-1800DTN Plus     FS-1800N     FS-1800N Plus     FS-1800T Plus
    FS-1800TN Plus     FS-1900     FS-1900N     FS-1920
    FS-2000D     FS-3700     FS-3700 Plus     FS-3750
    FS-3750 Plus     FS-3800     FS-3800D     FS-3800DN
    FS-3800DTN     FS-3800N     FS-3800T     FS-3800TN
    FS-3820N     FS-3830N     FS-3900DN     FS-4000DN
    FS-6700     FS-6900     FS-9100     FS-9100DN
    FS-9120DN     FS-9500DN     FS-9520DN     FS-C5016N
    FS-C5020N     FS-C5025N     FS-C5030N     FS-C5100
    FS-C5100DN     FS-C5100DFN     FS-C5150DN     FS-C5200DN
    FS-C5200DFN     FS-C5250DN     FS-C5300DN     FS-C8026N
    FS-C8100DN     FS-C8500DN
KM Series
    KM-1500     KM-1620     KM-1650     KM-1815
    KM-1820     KM-2020     KM-2050     KM-C2030
    KM-C2230     KM-C2630D     KM-C3130     KM-F1050

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