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We've spent considerable time and effort to testing all of our compatible cartridges for your Canon printer. Making 100% sure is our priority.

               <All of our cartridge comes with...>
90 days money back guarantee or 12 month warranty
- Master package w/ extra protection for any shipment.
Same day shipping orders before 6 pm. (EST)



BJ Series
    BJ-30     BJ-30V     BJ Note
BJC Series
    BJC-50     BJC-55     BJC-70     BJC-80
    BJC-85     BJC-85W     BJC-400 J     BJC-410 J
    BJC-411 F     BJC-420 J     BJC-430 J     BJC-455 J
    BJC-2000     BJC-2010     BJC-2100     BJC-2110
    BJC-2115     BJC-2120     BJC-2125     BJC-3000
    BJC-3010     BJC-4000     BJC-4100     BJC-4200
    BJC-4200 Photo     BJC-4300     BJC-4302     BJC-4304
    BJC-4304 Photo     BJC-4400     BJC-4550     BJC-4650
    BJC-5000     BJC-5100     BJC-5500     BJC-6000
BN Series
    BN700C Model 1     BN700C Model 2     BN750
CFX Series
    CFX-L3500 IF     CFX-L4000     CFX-L4500 IF
FAX Series
    Fax B210C     Fax B215C     Fax B230C     Fax B380 IF
    Fax CF H1     Fax CF H1 CL     Fax JX200     Fax L100
    Fax L200     Fax L250     Fax L260I     Fax L280
    Fax L300     Fax L350     Fax L400     Fax L500
    Fax L550     Fax L600     Fax L700     Fax L760
    Fax L770     Fax L775     Fax L777     Fax L780
    Fax L785     Fax L790     Fax L800     Fax L900
    Fax L1000     Fax L2000     Fax L2000 IP     Fax L3300
    Fax L3300I     Fax L4000     Fax L4500     Fax L6000
    Faxphone B740     Faxphone L75     Faxphone L80     Faxphone L90
    Faxphone L100     Faxphone L120     Faxphone L170     Faxphone L190
    Faxphone L400
FC Series
    FC-200     FC-204     FC-220     FC-310
    FC-330     FC-336
    ImageCLASS 1100     ImageCLASS 1100D     ImageCLASS D320     ImageCLASS D383
    ImageCLASS D340     ImageCLASS D420     ImageCLASS D480     ImageCLASS D530
    ImageCLASS D550     ImageCLASS D620     ImageCLASS D660     ImageCLASS D661
    ImageCLASS D680     ImageCLASS D760     ImageCLASS D761     ImageCLASS D780
    ImageCLASS D860     ImageCLASS D861     ImageCLASS D880     ImageCLASS D1120
    ImageCLASS D1150     ImageCLASS D1170     ImageCLASS D1180     ImageCLASS D1320
    ImageCLASS D1350     ImageCLASS D1370     ImageCLASS LBP6300DN     ImageCLASS LBP6650DN
    ImageCLASS LBP6670DN     ImageCLASS MF7     imageCLASS MF212     imageCLASS MF216N
    ImageCLASS MF217W     imageCLASS MF227DW     imageCLASS MF229DW     ImageCLASS MF624CW
    ImageCLASS MF628CW     ImageCLASS MF726CDW     ImageCLASS MF729CDW     ImageCLASS MF3010
    ImageCLASS MF3110     ImageCLASS MF3111     ImageCLASS MF3112     ImageCLASS MF3240
    ImageCLASS MF4100     ImageCLASS MF4150     ImageCLASS MF4270     ImageCLASS MF4350
    ImageCLASS MF4370     ImageCLASS MF4380     ImageCLASS MF4450     ImageCLASS MF4570DN
    ImageCLASS MF4570DW     ImageCLASS MF4690     ImageCLASS MF4770N     imageCLASS MF4880DW
    ImageCLASS MF4890DW     ImageCLASS MF5500     ImageCLASS MF5530     ImageCLASS MF5550
    imageCLASS MF5730     imageCLASS MF5750     imageCLASS MF5770     ImageCLASS MF5850DN
    ImageCLASS MF5880DN     ImageCLASS MF5950DW     ImageCLASS MF5960DN     ImageCLASS MF6530
    ImageCLASS MF6540     ImageCLASS MF6550     ImageCLASS MF6560     ImageCLASS MF6580
    ImageCLASS MF6590     ImageCLASS MF6595     ImageCLASS MF7280     ImageCLASS MF7460
    ImageCLASS MF7470     ImageCLASS MF8050CN     ImageCLASS MF8080CW     ImageCLASS MF8170C
    ImageCLASS MF8180C     ImageCLASS MF8280CW     ImageCLASS MF8330     ImageCLASS MF8350CDN
    ImageCLASS MF8380CDW     ImageCLASS MF8450C     ImageCLASS MF8580CDW     ImageCLASS MF9150C
    ImageCLASS MF9170C     ImageCLASS MF9220CDN     ImageCLASS MF9280CDN
I Series
    i70     i80     i250     i320
    i350     i450     i455     i470
    i470D     i475D     i550     i560
    i850     i860     i865     i900D
    i950     i960     i6500     i8650
    i9100     i9100d     i9900 Photo
    LaserCLASS 510     LaserCLASS 710     LaserCLASS 720i     LaserCLASS 730i
    LaserCLASS 1060     LaserCLASS 1100     LaserCLASS 1300     LaserCLASS 2050
    LaserCLASS 2060     LaserCLASS 2060P     LaserCLASS 3170     LaserCLASS 3175
    LaserCLASS 3175MS     LaserCLASS 4000     LaserCLASS 4500     LaserCLASS 5000
    LaserCLASS 5500     LaserCLASS 6000L     LaserCLASS 7000     LaserCLASS 7500
    LaserCLASS 8000     LaserCLASS 8500     LaserCLASS 9000     LaserCLASS 9000S/MS
    LaserCLASS 9500     LaserCLASS 9500S/MS     LaserCLASS L300     LaserCLASS 9800
LBP Series
    LBP-KX     LBP-5360     LBP-6000     LBP-6030W
    LBP-6200     LBP-6200d     LBP-6230DW     LBP-6650
    LBP-6780DN     LBP-7110CW     LBP-7200CDN     LBP-7660CDN
Maxify Series
    MB2020     MB2120     MB2320     MB2720
    MultiPASS C20     MultiPASS C30     MultiPASS C50     MultiPASS C70
    MultiPASS C75     MultiPASS C80     MultiPASS C100     MultiPASS C400
    MultiPASS C530     MultiPASS C545     MultiPASS C555     MultiPASS C560
    MultiPASS C600F     MultiPASS C635     MultiPASS C755     MultiPASS C2500
    MultiPASS C3000     MultiPASS C3500     MultiPASS C5000     MultiPASS C5500
    MultiPASS F20     MultiPASS F30     MultiPASS F50     MultiPASS F60
    MultiPASS F80     MultiPASS L60     MultiPASS L90     MultiPASS L600
    MultiPASS L6000     MultiPASS MP360     MultiPASS MP370     MultiPASS MP390
    MultiPASS MP700 Color     MultiPASS MP730 Color
PC Series
    PC-1     PC-2     PC-2 L     PC-2 LX
    PC-3     PC-3 II     PC-5     PC-5 II
    PC-6     PC-6 RE     PC-7     PC-8
    PC-10     PC-11     PC-11 RE     PC-12
    PC-14     PC-20     PC-22     PC-24
    PC-25     PC-65     PC-140     PC-300
    PC-310     PC-320     PC-325     PC-330
    PC-330 L     PC-400     PC-420     PC-425
    PC-428     PC-430     PC-530     PC-550
    PC-710     PC-720     PC-730     PC-735
    PC-740     PC-745     PC-760     PC-770
    PC-775     PC-785     PC-790     PC-795
    PC-860     PC-880     PC-890     PC-920
    PC-921     PC-940     PC-941     PC-950
    PC-980     PC-1060     PC-1061     PC-1080 F
    PC-D320     PC-D340
PIXMA Series
    Pixma iP90     Pixma iP1500     Pixma iP1600     Pixma iP1700
    Pixma iP1800     Pixma iP2000     Pixma iP2600     Pixma iP2700
    Pixma iP2702     Pixma iP3000     Pixma iP3300     Pixma iP3500
    Pixma iP3600     Pixma iP4000     Pixma iP4000R     Pixma iP4200
    Pixma iP4300     Pixma iP4500     Pixma iP4600     Pixma iP4820
    Pixma iP5000     Pixma iP5200     Pixma iP5200R     Pixma iP6000D
    Pixma iP6210D     Pixma iP6220D     Pixma iP6310D     Pixma iP6600D
    Pixma iP6700D     Pixma iP7220     Pixma iP8500     Pixma iX6520
    PIXMA MG2120     PIXMA MG2140     PIXMA MG2220     PIXMA MG2420
    PIXMA MG2520     PIXMA MG3120     PIXMA MG3122     PIXMA MG3140
    PIXMA MG3220     PIXMA MG3520     PIXMA MG4120     PIXMA MG4140
    PIXMA MG4220     Pixma MG5120     Pixma MG5220     Pixma MG5420
    Pixma MG6120     Pixma MG8120     Pixma MG8120B     Pixma MP130
    Pixma MP140     Pixma MP150     Pixma MP160     Pixma MP170
    Pixma MP180     Pixma MP190     Pixma MP210     Pixma MP240
    Pixma MP250     Pixma MP270     Pixma MP410     Pixma MP430
    Pixma MP450     Pixma MP460     Pixma MP470     Pixma MP480
    Pixma MP490     Pixma MP500     Pixma MP510     Pixma MP520
    Pixma MP530     Pixma MP600     Pixma MP610     Pixma MP620
    Pixma MP620B     Pixma MP750     Pixma MP780     Pixma MP800
    Pixma MP800R     Pixma MP810     Pixma MP830     Pixma MP950
    Pixma MP960     Pixma MP970     Pixma MP980     Pixma MX300
    Pixma MX310     Pixma MX320     Pixma MX330     Pixma MX340
    Pixma MX350     PIXMA MX372     PIXMA MX374     PIXMA MX392
    PIXMA MX432     PIXMA MX434     PIXMA MX439     PIXMA MX452
    PIXMA MX459     PIXMA MX472     PIXMA MX490     PIXMA MX492
    PIXMA MX512     PIXMA MX514     PIXMA MX522     PIXMA MX532
    Pixma MX700     Pixma MX722     Pixma MX850     Pixma MX860
    Pixma MX882     Pixma MX922     Pixma Pro 9000     Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II
    Smartbase MP200     Smartbase MP200 Photo     Smartbase MP730 Photo     Smartbase MPC190
    Smartbase MPC200     Smartbase MPC400     Smartbase MPC600F
S Series
    S100     S200     S200SPx     S200X
    S300     S330     S330D     S400
    S450     S500     S520     S530D
    S600     S630     S630N     S750
    S800     S820     S820D     S830D
    S900     S9000
    Starwriter 350 C     Starwriter Jet 300     Starwriter Jet 4000
    B380IF     CFX-B380IF     Compri BN700C     Compri BN750
    Innova BJT 800 P     Innova Note 590J     LR1 Printstation     NoteJet III
    Notejet IIICX     Selphy D700

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